Terms of rental

Article 1: Subject: 

These general terms and conditions apply to the rental of gîtes (holiday cottages) for holiday purposes.

Article 2: Duration of rental

The lessee who signed this rental agreement for a specified period may, under no circumstances, claim a right to remain in the property at the end of the rental period.

Article 3: Booking:

This rental agreement takes effect from the receipt, at the lessor’s address, at least one month before the start of the rental period, of:

- one copy of the agreement, signed and dated. The second copy of the agreement is to be retained by the lessee;

- a deposit of 25% of the total price of the rental, settled by bank cheque or postal order payable to the property owner, or remotely by bank card.

If these are not received by the time stated above, this holiday rental offer may be revoked and the owner is free to dispose of the gîte as the owner thinks fit.

This agreement between the parties cannot be made for the benefit of any third parties, individuals or companies, without the written consent of the lessor.

Article 4: Cancellation of the agreement

-           In the case of cancellation of the rental by the lessee:

The lessor has the right, in principle, to retain the deposit.

Should the gîte subsequently be rented to another party for the full period, the deposit shall be refunded, after deduction of the expenses incurred to enable the property to be re-rented.

Should the property not be re-rented, then the lessor has the right to retain the deposit in full.   In addition, the lessee must pay, as a penalty, the difference between the deposit paid and the full cost of the rental.

-           In case of cancellation of the rental by the lessor:

The latter undertakes to return to the lessee the double amount of any sum paid.

Article 5: Payment of the outstanding balance

In addition to the deposit paid at the time of booking the property, the lessee agrees to pay the balance of the rental price upon taking possession of the property.

Any lessee who has not settled the outstanding balance by the agreed time is considered to have canceled the rental. From that moment onwards, the property is again available for rental to other parties.

Article 6 - Incoming and outgoing inspection of the property

An inspection of the property and inventory of its contents are carried out and signed by both parties when entering the property and again when leaving the property.

The comparison of the incoming and outgoing inspection/inventories shall determine the cost of any repairs for which the lessee may be liable.

Article 7: Security deposit

The lessee shall be required to pay a security deposit of  800 upon arrival.

The deposit shall be refunded after deduction of the cost of rehabilitation of the property if cleaning or repairs are necessary. In this case, any deposit remaining shall be refunded by the owner within one week after the end of the rental period.

Article 8: General obligations of the lessor

The "owner" agrees to provide the "lessee" with a gîte which matches the description attached hereto. The owner  commits to providing accommodation which  meets acceptable living standards and matches the description, free from any defects likely to prevent normal use. The owner undertakes to repair or remedy, as soon as possible, any defects, which may prevent the lessee from enjoying the property to the full.

Article 9: General obligations of the lessee

The lessee agrees to occupy the rented property in a peaceful manner and to use it according to its intended purpose. The lessee undertakes, in particular, to comply with the number of occupants permitted and declared. The lessee agrees to use the property for residential purposes only and not to cause any disturbance to the neighbourhood  (noise, odours, smoke, etc.). The lessee undertakes to return the property in a clean condition.

The lessee undertakes to keep the premises in a clean condition and not to modify the arrangement of any furniture, and to replace or pay for furniture or other items which are lost or damaged. The lessee may not sublet the property, nor transfer the rights, in whole or in part, to any third party, unless the lessee has obtained written consent, subject to the rental agreement being revoked. Should there be any disturbance or nuisance to the neighborhood, the agreement shall be revoked without refund.

At the end of the rental agreement, entered into for the specified period, the lessee cannot, under any circumstances, claim any right to maintain occupancy of the property.

Article 10: Animals

This lease is granted on the condition that the lessee does not bring any pets onto the property. Should the lessee not comply with this clause, the lessor may refuse to allow the animals admission to the property. Should this be the case, any modification or termination of this contract shall be considered to have been the fault of the lessee who must pay the rent in full and shall not be entitled to any refund.

Article 11: Maintenance and cleaning

  • Responsibility of the lessee:

The lessee is responsible for cleaning the gîte during the rental period and before departure. Should the cleaning not have been carried out before the lessee’s departure, an amount of        € 168 inc. VAT shall be deducted from the security deposit.

  • Responsibility of the lessor, charged at an hourly rate:

The owner can provide cleaning services during the lessee's stay (solely for stays of at least 1 week) for a charge of € 168 inc. VAT. The owner and lessee agree on the time when the service is to be provided.

The lessee agrees to pay the lessor all rental charges for which the lessee is responsible, such as any electricity consumption over the fixed amount specified in this contract, the “taxe de séjour” (visitors tax) of € 0.65 per person per day and the additional tax of € 0.065 per person per day.

Article 12: Insurance

The lessor undertakes to take out insurance cover against rental risks on behalf of the lessee. In The event of any damage to the gîte (fire, water damage), the "lessee" shall inform the owner, or the owner’s representative, within 24 hours.

Article 13: General terms and conditions for use of the WIFI network 

The rental includes WIFI access, the use of which is regulated.

Access to the network therefore requires its lawful use and does not entitle the user to visit any illegal sites whose content is likely to offend others or public decency, or to upset public order.

Similarly, the dissemination of defamatory, xenophobic or anti-Semitic content via blogs, identity theft on forums or instant messengers, the visiting of websites containing child pornography, or illegal downloading,  made ​​via the  Internet connection in the  rented accommodation, are strictly prohibited. Any persons found to be doing this shall be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution.

The lessee hereby agrees to respect the legal framework related to Internet use and to act in a respectable and responsible manner for the duration of the rental.

Article 14: General terms and conditions for use of the SPA:

A spa is available for the sole and exclusive use of the lessee(s) for the duration of their stay. A manual is available to lessee(s) to ensure that the spa is used correctly.

The owner, therefore, bears no responsibility for accidents of any kind.

For this reason, children are expressly prohibited from using the SPA. Similarly, consumption of alcohol, drugs or medication before or during use of the SPA is strictly prohibited.

As a precaution, persons suffering from an infectious or cardiovascular disease are advised not use the SPA.

The lessee(s) hereby agree(s) to use the spa in a respectful, reasonable and responsible manner.

In order to reduce the risk of any accidents, lessees shall be required to have read a copy of the SPA use rules remitted to them before they enter the property.